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The Brady Club

The Brady Club is an online, secure platform for children ages 4-12 diagnosed with HAE and their siblings. This page is for our youngest members to enjoy fun activities that help them understand, manage, and cope with HAE, while inspiring them and connecting them with their peers.

  • Kids can join Brady the Bear for fun and interactive activities that teach about living with HAE. They will also be able to upload their artwork, share their own stories, and play Brady's matching game.
  • When your child is signed up to become a Brady Club Member, they will also receive FREE quarterly Activity Books in the mail!

The Brady Club

Brady Club Activity Books

Brady Club Members are automatically signed up to receive quarterly Activity Books that are mailed directly to them. The Activity Books are filled with fun activities, stories from other members, jokes, and more! Sign your child up today and we will send the most recent Activity Book along with a BONUS collectable sticker.

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HAEA Children's Book Series

HAEA Children's Book Series

The US HAEA teamed up with children's author Caryn Sonberg Seiler to develop a three-book series that will help kids learn about Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) in a relatable and interesting way. The books are designed for kids with HAE and their siblings who are starting to learn about dealing with the condition. The books offer quick definitions for tougher words. Parents will enjoy reading this first-of-its-kind storybook series with their kids.

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Host a Cookies4HAE Pop-Up Fundraiser in Your Community

Learn about a fun and yummy way for kids to fundraise for HAE and raise awareness at the same time. We’ve created a step by step guide to help you plan, bake, and host your very own pop-up event. We can’t wait to see what you cook up!

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Become a Brady Club Pen Pal

The Brady Club Pen Pal program encourages children aged 7 to 12 to form meaningful and lasting friendships with peers who understand their HAE journey. Being a pen pal can assist your child in developing a true sense of connection and friendship with others in the HAEA Brady Club community.

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There are many fun ways to get involved with the HAEA's Youth Program – connect with other young people, learn about HAE, and make a difference in your community!

These activities are specifically designed to reach and connect kids and young adults living with HAE and their caregivers.

HAEA Youth Program Interest Survey

Get involved with the HAEA and connect with peers who are also living with HAE through our youth program! Complete our short survey to share your interests and receive updates on the latest youth-focused news, opportunities, and events.

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Youth Activities


HAEA Youth Leadership Programs

Get involved with the HAEA and connect with peers who are also living with HAE through our youth programs! The HAEA Youth Leadership Programs include the Youth Leadership Council (YLC) and the Social Media Internship Program that foster engagement and professional development at conferences, and other youth events while helping to best meet the needs of young people with HAE and their caregivers.

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Youth Newsletter

Check out the latest HAEA Youth Insider Newsletter for the latest community updates! Members of the HAEA between the ages of 10 and 25 receive copies of our newsletter in the mail!

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HAEA Youth Advocacy Network

Start your advocacy journey with us! The Youth Advocacy Network is a branch of the HAEA’s Grassroots Advocacy Network that offers specialized youth-focused training and advocacy opportunities for teens and young adults.

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Check out our Youth Produced Podcast!

The BeyondHAE Podcast is a series dedicated to amplifying the voices of young people affected by Hereditary Angioedema and raising awareness about the disease. Hear from a different host each episode as they share stories of perseverance, activism, and support. We hope that you find strength in listening to stories from HAEA community members. The #BeyondHAE Podcast is available on all major podcasting platforms.

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Apply for an HAEA Scholarship

The Pam King HAEA Scholarship Program and the HAEA Scholarship for Aspiring Healthcare Professionals provide financial support for young people with HAE seeking to improve their lives through academic achievement. College scholarships are available to US citizens who are diagnosed with HAE. They are awarded to students who demonstrate the characteristics that Pam brought to the HAE community: relentless hard work, resilience, courage, and passion.

apply for a Pam King HAEA Scholarship
apply for an HAEA Scholarship
for Aspiring Healthcare Professionals


HAEA Youth Edition Webinars

It’s important for young people to have access to age appropriate resources to help them cope with their diagnosis. The HAEA developed this webinar series to normalize conversations about HAE.

The HAEA Youth Edition webinars cover a variety of topics that include:
- Preparing for college
-Managing and dealing with stress,
-Talking to friends about HAE,
-Advocating for yourself at school, and more!

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Don't forget to check out the YOUTH RESOURCES PAGE for more content specifically for kids and young adults.

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Order an HAEA Cares Kit for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults

Learning to cope with HAE can be particularly challenging for kids, teens, and young adults. The HAEA Cares Program is now offering personalized support kits that we mail directly to them.

*One kit per person and the individual must be a member of the US HAEA to qualify.

Request a kit today!

HAEA Parent Edition Webinar: Advocating for Your Child at School

One of the most important ingredients to a successful school year is an effective partnership between the student, parents, and the school. Working with your child's school is critical to ensuring that everyone is on the same page and knows what to do when there are unplanned absences or an HAE attack at school. Our guest speaker, Lisa Layera, is a mother and advocate for her three children who all have HAE. She will be sharing some of the lessons she has learned over the years to foster a meaningful and fruitful partnership with her children's school.


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