The US HAEA team is a group of dedicated advocates who are committed to achieving the mission of increasing HAE awareness and education, empowering patient access to suitable treatment, and fostering ground-breaking research that can ultimately lead to a cure.

Anthony J. Castaldo Anthony J. Castaldo
CEO / Chairman of the Board
Henrik Balle Boysen Henrik Balle Boysen
President / Board Member
Leigh Farrar Leigh Farrar
Executive VP / Chief Financial Officer
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Karen Baird Karen Baird
Board Member
Lois Perry Lois Perry
Board Member
Dr. Eric Phillips Dr. Eric Phillips
Board Member
Larry Salus Larry Salus
Board Member
Aleena Banerji, MD Aleena Banerji, MD
Clinical Director, Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Director, Drug Allergy Program
Associate Professor, Medicine
Division of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA
Jonathan Bernstein, MD Jonathan Bernstein, MD
Clinical Medicine
University of Cincinnati
College of Medicine
Cincinnati, OH
Paula Busse, MD Paula Busse, MD
Associate Professor
Clinical Immunology
Mount Sinai Hospital
New York, NY
Sandra Christiansen, MD Sandra Christiansen, MD
Professor of Medicine
Director of Translational Research
US HAEA Angioedema
Center at UCSD
San Diego, CA
Timothy Craig, DO Timothy Craig, DO
Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics
Penn State University
Hershey, PA
Mark Davis-Lorton, MD Mark Davis-Lorton, MD
Clinical Immunology
Winthrop-University Hospital
Mineola, NY
Henry Li, MD, PhD Henry Li, MD, PhD
Institute for Asthma and Allergy
Chevy Chase, MD
William Lumry, MD William Lumry, MD
Clinical Professor Internal
Medicine University of
Texas Southwestern Medical
Dallas, TX
Marc Riedl, MD Marc Riedl, MD, MS
Professor, Medicine Clinical Director, US HAEA Angioedema Center
Clinical Service Chief and Training Program Director
Division of Rheumatology, Allergy & Immunology
University of California
San Diego, CA
Bruce Zuraw, MD Bruce Zuraw, MD
MAB Chairman
Professor of Medicine
Director and US HAEA Endowed Chair, US HAEA Angioedema Center at UCSD
San Diego, CA


Christine Selva Christine Selva
Senior Director of Health & Research
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Ianice Viel, MAC Ianice Viel, MA
Director of Engagement & Communications
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Lisa Facciolla Lisa Facciolla
Youth Programs Manager
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Nicole Jewell Nicole Jewell
Operations & Administrative Manager
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Jessica Myers Jessica Myers, MA
Communications & Advocacy Manager
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Hannah Carroll Hannah Carroll
Communications & Research Specialist
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Jen Curran Jen Curran
Executive Administrative Specialist
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Suse Glass Suse Glass
Administrative Specialist
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Sandra González Aquino Sandra González Aquino
Senior Graphic Designer
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Amanda Granat, MJ, RN Amanda Granat, MJ, RN
HAE Health Advocate / Nurse
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Adina Mauk Adina Mauk
HAE Health Advocate
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Lucy Ann Ramos Lucy Ann Ramos
Health & Research Specialist
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herry Swanson Sherry Swanson
Research & Advocacy Specialist
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Sally Urbaniak Sally Urbaniak
Research & Advocacy Specialist
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Troyce Venturella, MPH, RN, CCM Troyce Venturella, MPH, RN, CCM
HAE Health Advocate / Nurse Case Manager
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Trent Chastain Trent Chastain
IT Specialist
Wes Donald Wes Donald
IT Specialist
Siva Nookala Siva Nookala
IT Specialist
Rick Whidden Rick Whidden
IT Specialist
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