Whether you are planning to travel for business or pleasure, there are a few important considerations to help you prepare for a safe and successful trip.

Plan Ahead

Carry Your HAEA Member ID Card

Carry this with you on your phone and in your wallet to ensure it's easy to find. Include your HAE doctor and emergency contact.

Keep Medication Handy

Ensure your HAE medication is always with you and easily accessible in your carry-on bag. Never check your medication in your suitcase, as it could be lost, delayed, or damaged.

Bring a Doctor's Note

Although rarely requested by TSA, it is recommended to carry a physician's letter with you authorizing you to carry your HAE medication on board your flight. A written prescription for your HAE therapy is also a good idea to have on hand.

Know Your Hospitals

Check with an HAE Advocate for information on medical care options at your destination and along your route. HAE Advocates can assist with an HAE-knowledgeable physician referral or an area hospital where you might receive treatment if it were necessary.

Order Ahead

Make sure you have enough HAE medication available for your trip and for a short time after you return, so you have time for a refill to arrive.

Enjoy the Ride

HAE attacks can be triggered by stress. Using these steps to plan ahead will help you feel in control and more relaxed when it comes time to travel.

Travel Assistance

The Chris Whalen HAEA Compassion Fund

The HAEA offers financial assistance for people with HAE who are in need. The Chris Whalen HAEA Compassion Fund's goal is to ensure that financial limitations are not a barrier to expert care. 

Apply for Travel Assistance
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