Travel Tips
Don't Let HAE Stop You!

Whether you are going away for business or pleasure, here are a few things to consider as you prepare for your trip.

The more prepared you are – the more enjoyable your travel will be.

5 Great Tips For Planning Your Trip
  • Carry your emergency contact info with you – on your phone and/or on your MyACT app.
  • Check with the HAEA Patient Advocates for information on medical care options at your destination.
  • Keep your HAE medication with you – in your carry on bag.
  • Make sure you have enough medicine available for your trip AND after you are back home.
  • Request a doctor's note or prescription to take on your trip, if you wish.

Clipboard Doctor's Note
Although rarely requested by TSA, you may wish to carry a physician's letter with you that authorizes you to carry your medication on board your flight. Some patients also pack a written prescription for their HAE therapy to have in-hand if needed.

Cell Phone Contact Information
Keep a handy list (either on paper or in your phone) of phone numbers for your doctor, your HAEA Patient Advocate, your emergency contact, next of kin, etc.

Map Local Health Care
Be sure to check with your HAEA Patient Advocate before you travel for a referral to an HAE knowledgeable physician or an area hospital where you might receive treatment if it were necessary.

Medication Icon Medication
Double check to make sure you have enough therapy for a trip and for a short time after you return, so you have time for a refill to arrive. Carry your medication on board with you in your carry-on bag. Airlines are not responsible for lost checked bags or for any damage done to your medication during transit.

Island Time Relaxation
We all know HAE can be triggered by stress, so now try to relax and enjoy your trip.