HAE Health
HAE Health
Driving Continuous Improvement in HAE Care

The US HAEA is committed to helping patients overcome barriers to successfully managing their HAE and leading a normal life. Our HAE Health team works diligently to provide patients with comprehensive and highly personalized services. Our dedicated and compassionate Patient Health Advocates provide assistance and support in the following areas:

  • Patient identification and diagnosis - Our HAE Health staff works to identify new patients, provide much-needed guidance for obtaining an accurate diagnosis, as well as on-going support for successfully managing HAE symptoms.

  • Physician referrals - HAE experienced physicians are key to an accurate diagnosis and obtaining access to HAE therapy. The HAEA provides referrals to its robust network of HAE knowledgeable physicians. Our referral service assists in identifying a physician in close proximity to the patient. For interested patients, we can also provide a referral for an appointment with experts at our US HAEA Angioedema Center at UCSD.

  • Patients who cannot afford to travel to visit an HAE expert in their area or at the Center can apply for travel assistance through the HAEA Compassion Fund.

  • Access and reimbursement - The HAE Health team assists patients obtain access to HAE therapy under the most optimal insurance coverage possible.

    Services provided include:

    1. Assistance with health insurance selection
    2. Assistance with insurance denials, quantity limit overrides, and billing matters
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