Work Life
Work Life and Managing HAE
Research shows that people with chronic conditions do different types of work: work to manage the symptoms, the medicines, the treatments; work to manage occupation and continue 'normal' daily life; and work to maintain their familiar identities (Corbin & Strauss, 1988; Townsend, Wyke, & Hunt, 2006).

In the old days of HAE, patients often had to take a stoic approach, with a determination to 'push through' the pain or other symptoms and to protect their jobs. "Tough it out" was the approach to leisure activities, too. This was a frustrating way to live, to say the least.

Today, HAE patients can function fully in their day-to-day lives. New FDA-approved treatments and a management plan created in partnership with your HAE treating physician make it possible to continue in your chosen occupation.

Besides treatment, it is important to maintain a positive attitude, organizing daily tasks and having a good support system around you. With appropriate treatment, it is no longer necessary to live in the dark ages of scaling back, stopping activities or just suffering through your HAE attacks.

Share the 2020 Recommendations for the Management of HAE with your HAE treating physician as you work together on your management plan.