Study and Work Life
Managing Your Studies
Students with HAE can function to their maximum potential if their needs are met. With a full HAE management plan, they can enjoy better attendance, fewer restrictions on participation in physical activities and special activities (such as field trips) and fewer medical emergencies.

Family Responsibilities
  • Notify the school of your child's HAE diagnosis and supply school staff with their HAE management plan (keep the plan up-to-date)
  • Provide authorizations for administering medication and emergency treatment, signed by the your child's health care provider
  • Participate in the development of a school plan: 1) Meet with the school team to develop an accommodations plan (504 Plan) and 2) Authorize contact between school health staff and your child's HAE physician
  • Provide an adequate supply of acute HAE therapy, if you have it, in pharmacy-labeled containers, and other supplies to the school health staff. Replace medications and supplies as needed. A dedicated supply should remain with the school nurse
  • Provide the school with a way to contact you or another responsible person in case of an HAE attack and/or a medical emergency
  • Promote good general health, nutrition, and physical activity

Student Responsibilities
  • Notify an adult about any concerns and needs you may have managing your HAE at school
  • Participate in the care and management of your health as appropriate to your developmental level

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With teamwork, student can manage their HAE and lead a normal school life!