Patient Advocates
US HAEA Patient Advocates
Meet Your Patient Advocates!

We are either HAE patients ourselves or caregivers for HAE patients. We understand what it means to live with HAE.

HAEA Patient Advocates provide assistance that includes physician referrals, peer-to-peer support, guidance on access and reimbursement for your HAE medicines, and more.

We provide a wide range of personalized services for HAE patients and their families – we are here for you!

Important: Patients with the slightest hint of throat swelling should seek immediate medical attention (call 911) to ensure that their airway is not compromised.

John Williamson
(972) 984-0621
Patient Advocate

Advocacy & Clinical Trials

Jenny Barnes
(252) 585-0763
Patient Advocate

Awareness / Events Associate

Sherry Swanson
(815) 274-4206
Patient Advocate

Market Research & HAE IN-MOTION 5K

Lisa Facciolla
(619) 723-7747
Programs Coordinator

Kids & Youth Programs
Mike Mallory
Mike Mallory
(513) 858-9370
Patient Advocate

Fundraising Associate

Ianice Viel
(407) 634-8092
Social Media Manager

Digital platforms & Engagement

Anna Chenoweth
Patient Advocate