Emergency Room Tool Kit
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We are focusing on providing Emergency Room and / or hospital staff with HAE related educational materials. The HAEA has created an HAE E.R. Tool Kit with important information that you can share with your local emergency facility. The Tool Kit contains an overview of HAE symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments along with links to a HAEA sponsored accredited Continuing Medical Education video designed for Emergency Room professionals.

By distributing this Tool Kit to your local emergency room, you will provide important information that will:
  • Lead to better treatment of HAE patients in your community
  • Help ER staff identify people who should be tested for HAE
Your action to educate others about will dramatically improve the quality of care received by HAE patients. We appreciate your effort and hope that you will continue to Stand Up Strong for HAE Education!

If you have any questions about your E.R. Tool Kit, or if you have a need for more than three, please email Mike Mallory.

E.R. Tool Kits are free of charge, however please consider also making a donation. Your optional gift has a significant and immediate impact on the US Hereditary Angioedema Association's (HAEA) ability to continue its mission:

To lead a nationwide advocacy movement that focuses on increasing HAE awareness and education, diagnosis, empowering patient access to therapy, and fostering ground-breaking research that includes finding a cure.