HAE Treatment Options

Because HAE symptoms are not the same for every person, you should work with your HAE treating physician to create an individualized treatment plan that best helps you to lead a healthy life.

Prior to 2008, the only treatments available for HAE in the United States were anabolic steroids (androgens) or antifibrinolytics.  Although effective, androgens may cause troubling side effects, such as liver problems, increases in cholesterol and weight gain.  Antifibrinolytics have been tied to abnormal heartbeat, muscle weakness and blood clots.

Important: Medicines used to treat swelling from allergies, such as corticosteroids (prednisone), antihistamines and epinephrine are NOT effective treatments for HAE.

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    FDA-approved treatments

    We have an updated list of FDA-approved treatments available to treat HAE

    See the FDA-approved list here

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    What treatments are available for children who have Hereditary Angioedema?

    One of the available FDA-approved HAE therapies may be an appropriate choice for use with children. Parents should work with their child’s HAE physician expert to create an individualized treatment plan for each child.

    Read more about treatments for children

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    What if I am pregnant?

    Studies report that pregnant women with HAE describe that pregnancy worsened symptoms or symptoms improved in equal percentages.

    Read more about HAE treatment and pregnancy

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    Are there any new treatments on the horizon?

    Clinical trials of investigational HAE therapies are still being conducted.
    More information can be found on our Clinical Trials page or contact a Patient Advocates Team member for more information.

    Take a look into the future for treatment of HAE

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    HAEA Patient Advocates

    HAE therapies provide an opportunity for HAE patients to lead a healthy life.
    US HAEA Patient Advocates Team members are available to provide information to help you and your physician choose a therapeutic approach that best fits your individual treatment needs

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