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    Interested in hosting your own HAE IN-MOTION 5K in your hometown?

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  • The US HAEA Angioedema Center at UCSD Initiates Research Study of HAE with Normal C1 Inhibitor

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  • Academic Success for
    a Brighter Future

    The HAEA is pleased to announce the inauguration of the HAEA Scholarship Program

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  • Not Just a Treatment…
    A CURE.

    You (yes, you!) can help us find
    a cure for HAE.

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  • HAE is rare and

    potentially life-

    HAE symptoms include episodes of edema (swelling) in various body parts.

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  • Now open…

    The Angioedema Center at UCSD

    Staffed by the world’s most foremost
    HAE physician/researchers,
    The Center can be an amazing
    resource for you!

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  • 1397 enrolled & counting…

    Our Scientific Registry allows
    researchers to better study HAE,
    working towards finding cures and
    improving patient care.

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  • HAE patients have the right to treatment

    that alleviates suffering and improves quality of life.

    Get a copy of the declaration that outlines the basic concepts of a sound approach to HAE treatment

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Living with HAE

The US HAEA is a non-profit patient advocacy organization dedicated to serving persons with angioedema. We provide patients and families with a support network and wide range of services. Our Mission focuses on increasing HAE awareness and education, obtaining an accurate diagnosis, empowering patient access to therapy, and fostering groundbreaking research that includes finding a cure.

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