How to Take Part in hae day :-)

There are several ways you can participate and help make hae day :-) a success!

1. Raise money

One of our biggest tasks as the HAEA community is to find a cure for HAE.

Research funds are needed to make this happen!

Hold a bake sale, help your kids set up a car wash, organize an HAE IN-MOTION 5k walk/race… there are so many creative ways (both big and small) to help raise research funds.

Get started on your hae day :-) fundraiser.

2. Raise awareness

Educate everyone around you about HAE. Contact your local media outlets and tell them your story. Contact your local ERs and medical service providers and provide them with information about HAE. We have put together a collection of materials you can use to educate those around you.

Get started with the hae day :-) Tool Kit.

3. Raise enthusiasm

Last year’s “#myMove4HAE”  campaign was another fun way to raise awareness of HAE.  Stay tuned for news on how you can raise enthusiasm in 2017! 


Click here to upload your #myMove4HAE photo!
And don’t forget to wear your #myMove t-shirt – purchase one

Then be sure to share your #myMove4HAE photo to HAEA’s Facebook group and upload it to your  personal Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages – challenge your friends to make a move for HAE by tagging them and … Spread HAE awareness!

Download your #myMove4HAE sign (8.5 x 11) here


In 2013, the HAEA community rallied to support the TransPac Sailing Race virtual fundraiser.

In 2014, the HAEA community rallied to support the Kili Care Climb virtual fundraiser.

In 2015, the HAEA community rallied to support the largest number of individual events yet!

It is never too early to start planning your own hae day :-) educational event or fundraiser!

Read about and be inspired by the events held in previous years and see the already growing list of 2015 hae day :-) events.

Let’s lead the way again in 2016!

Also see our other resources about hae day :-)

Taking Part  |  Holding an Event  |  Fundraising  |  Events to Inspire  |  Took Kit  |  Shop

Still have hae day :-) questions?

Please call your HAEA Patient Advocate or email


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