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Helping Patients with HAE

The US HAEA references the most recent HAE medical literature and incorporates the latest insight of HAE thought leaders into an authoritative, unbiased, information resource for health care professionals who follow HAE patients.

CME Courses

Learn more about the new Continuing Medical Education Program developed by the US HAEA Educational Initiative:

CME Program:
Managing HAE in the US – A Changing Landscape

HAE Physicians

If you are a physician who treats HAE patients, please let us know so that we can add you to our Physician Referrals database. Please email us at .

Clinical Trials

Learn how HAE clinical trials are offering hope for better therapeutic alternatives.

1397 enrolled & counting!

Our Patient Scientific Registry allows researchers to better study HAE, working toward improving patient care and finding a cure.

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An Approach to the Diagnosis & Treatment of HAE

The US HAEA Medical Advisory Board prepared an authoritative “expert consensus“ document that sets the standard for the diagnosis and treatment of HAE in the U.S., and can be used to advocate for medical care that is consistent with high bar set by the top HAE experts in our country.
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