Fundraising Guidelines for hae day :-)

Use the hae day :-) fundraiser guidelines to make your event a success




Fundraising Guidelines

We grateful for all those who work to raise disease awareness  and funds on behalf of the US Hereditary Angioedema Association (HAEA) – especially in conjunction with hae day :-) .

Please review these guidelines if you are interested in creating a fundraising event to benefit the HAEA.


Please use this information as a tool to guide you to a successful and rewarding experience. If you have questions or need more help, please email We want to help you make your event the best it can be!

The total cost to produce your fundraiser should not exceed the amount generated from the event. If event expenses are greater than the total collected, it will be the event organizer’s responsibility to cover that additional expense. No event organizer may take a commission for holding an event.

Potential donors should be informed that 100% of proceeds from your fundraiser will be donated to the US HAEA. The event organizer is responsible for recording revenues and expenses.

Please return all documentation, along with all funds collected, by mail with tracking to the Association’s business address:

PO BOX 271561
Littleton, CO   80127

NOTE: All proceeds are to be delivered to the HAEA within 30 days following the date of your event.

The HAEA should be informed, in advance, of any companies or corporations you wish to approach for contributions for your event and what you are seeking in support.
Receipting and Tax-Deductibility of Charitable Donations to 501(C)(3) Organizations
All donations or event registration fees are accepted by checks made payable directly to “Hereditary Angioedema Association” or “HAEA.”

Donation of Services & Products
If goods and/or services are received as a charitable donation (i.e., auction items,  giveaways, beverages, etc.), the fair market value of these goods and/or services must be provided in writing by the donor to the event organizer to be included in the documentation to be sent to the HAEA after your event.

Receipts for Charitable Donations
In accordance with IRS regulations, all donations received by the US Hereditary Angioedema Association will be recognized with an official receipt for tax purposes. Only the individual, corporation, or foundation, etc. identified on the check will be eligible for tax receipts due them for their donation. The HAEA will make every effort to provide receipts to all donors, but any who cannot be directly matched to their donation may not be able to receive tax receipts. 

Donors contributing cash should be made aware that their gift may not be able to be acknowledged as a tax-deductible donation to the HAEA.
Individuals or organizations who donate cash should be made aware in advance that they will not be eligible to receive a tax receipt for their contribution.

Support from the US HAEA
The HAEA is here to help make your hae day :-) event a success! Please contact Patient Advocate Jenny Barnes for assistance at

Follow Up
After your fundraising event, please let us hear from you!
We would love to hear what worked well, or not so well, so that we can continue to improve everyone’s fundraising experience.

And THANK YOU for taking the time and making the effort to hold a charitable event on behalf of the US HAEA and hae day :-) !

PLEASE NOTE: The HAEA and hae day :-)  logos are trademarked – unauthorized use or alteration of these images may result in legal action.

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Still have hae day :-) questions?

Please call your HAEA Patient Advocate or email


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