US HAEA Clinical Team

 Meet your Clinical Team !
Troyce Venturella

Troyce Venturella

Clinical Nurse Case Manager

Based on her years of clinical experience, Troyce assists HAE patients in developing a personalized HAE care plan. She can also work with the local treating physician, often arranging peer-to-peer consults with HAE physician experts; members of the US HAEA Medical Advisory Board.

Troyce provides webinars through the HAEA Café on timely topics such as advocating for yourself in the ER and access to HAE therapy.

Troyce can help you walk through your unique HAE journey, providing guidance and answering questions from her years of nursing experience.

Nikia Davis

Nikia Davis

Reimbursement Nurse Manager and HAEA Center Specialist

With an expertise in all aspects of the insurance industry combined with her years of clinical experience, Nikia assists HAE patients with insurance appeals, understanding the path to therapy (including prior authorizations) and working with specialty pharmacies and all of the various other agencies that you may connect with on your HAE journey.

Nikia also acts as the HAEA liaison with the US HAEA Angioedema Center at UCSD. That means, she can help you every step of the way if you wish a clinical visit with one of the expert physicians at the Center. Nikia can also help you with financial assistance, based on need, for your Center visit.

Nikia and Troyce are both HAE patients and understand what it  means to live with HAE.  They are here for you!


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