Your HAEA team

We are the people who work daily to carry out HAEA’s mission:

Anthony J. Castaldo

Janet F. Long
Executive Vice President

Larry Salus
Financial Director

Lois Perry
Assistant Vice President of Patient Advocacy

Clinical Team

Nikia Davis
Nurse Reimbursement Case Manager & US HAEA Angioedema Center Specialist

Joelene Piccinino, RN
HAEA Nurse Case Manager

Troyce Venturella
HAEA Clinical Nurse Case Manager

Sally Urbaniak

Patient Advocates

John Williamson
Sr. Patient Advocate

Lisa Facciolla
Patient Advocate

Jenny Barnes
Sr. Patient Advocate

Sherry Swanson
Patient Advocate

Michelle Cuevas
Patient Advocate

Brenda Minnick
Patient Advocates Staff Support

Contact us

Find the Patient Advocate in your area.

Medical Emergencies
For medical emergencies, please call 911

Scientific Registry

Communications & Information Technology

Operations Support

Anna Chenoweth
HAEA Scientific Registry Administrator

Joyce Wilmot
Web Developer & IT Manager

Michelle Agostinho
Executive Staff Support


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What is HAE

Get to know the disease: symptoms, diagnose, treatments and more

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For healthcare providers. Knowledge, CME-programs and more

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Living with HAE

Care takers and givers: HAE will affect your life - But you can still be in control.

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Our area with a lot of usefull information

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