How do I manage my HAE?

Treatment options are available!

Some patients experience only infrequent and mild attacks and are able to manage their HAE with on-demand or acute treatment.   These patients may not require long-term or prophylactic therapy.

Clinicians generally recommend long-term therapy or prophylaxis for patients who experience more than two HAE attacks per month, or who believe that the disease significantly interferes with their life style.

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    Acute treatment

    Four products have recently been approved by the FDA to treat acute Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) attacks such as acute abdominal, facial or laryngeal HAE attacks. The drugs are delivered intravenously or through subcutaneous injections, some to be administered by HCPs and some for self-administration.

    These drugs work best when taken early in an HAE attack.

    Get more details about the different treatments

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    Long-term prophylaxis

    One product is approved by the FDA for prophylaxis – preventive treatment of HAE attacks. The drug is delivered intravenously and is approved for home infusion.

    Historically 17 alpha alkylated androgens have been used for long-term therapy, but these drugs may cause dangerous side effects or may not be effective at all.

    Go into details about the different long term prevantative treatments of HAE

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    Short-term prophylaxis

    Short-term therapy is imperative to prevent HAE attacks when you are at high risk of swelling – particularly before expected trauma such as surgery or dental procedures.

    FDA has approved several medicines to treat acute HAE attacks.  You will want to work with your physician or dentist to prepare an HAE management plan in advance.

    Get more information about drugs for short-term prevention of HAE attacks

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    Treating Children

    Many prepubescent children with HAE do not suffer from frequent and severe attacks. The small number of severely affected children must be managed on a case by case basis.

    You will want to work with your physician to develop a treatment plan to treat your child with HAE.

    Read more about the treatment available to children with HAE.

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    New treatments on the horizon

    Clinical trials of potential, new HAE therapies are still being conducted.  These new therapies offer clinical trial opportunities to you.
    More information can be found on our Clinical Trials page or contact a Patient Services Team member for more information.

    Take a look into the future for treatments of HAE

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