Shop here for hae day :-)

-and spread HAE awareness

To help facilitate hae day :-) the US HAEA provides a number of official hae day :-) logo materials that you can purchase for your HAE awareness event or fundraiser. Purchase these hae day :-) products for family, friends, and yourself, too!

If you would like to hold an hae day :-) event, please first review the US HAEA Fundraising Guidelines.

NOTE: Only the items listed below are authorized for sale at your hae day :-) fundraiser – please do not purchase materials from an outside vendor or sell materials otherwise crafted.

Please note: you will not be reimbursed for unsold items. Please consider your possible sales carefully and order amounts accordingly.

And remember that 100% of the proceeds from your activity will be returned to the US HAEA as your contribution to hae day :-) in the US.

Also see our other resources about hae day :-)

Taking Part  |  Holding an Event  |  Fundraising  |  Events to Inspire  |  Took Kit  |  Shop

Still have hae day :-) questions?

Please contact Patient Advocate Jenny Barnes at or email



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