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    What is the US HAEA Scientific Registry?

    The US HAEA is committed to finding a cure for Hereditary Angioedema and to improving the lives of those affected by HAE. The Registry was also established by the HAEA to encourage and support ground-breaking HAE research. 

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    Providing Samples and Data

    The goal of the Registry is to drive novel research in angioedema, including the study of HAE genetics, increasing the understanding of the disease and, ultimately, finding a cure.

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    Online Registration

    Signing up as volunteer is easy.  Your participation is key to future medical research that will change lives – yours, those of your loved ones and everyone whose lives are affected by HAE.

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    Registry FAQ

    We have collected some questions and answers about the Scientific Registry.

    If you have any additional questions, the Scientific Registry Administrator will be glad to help you. Please contact the US HAEA Scientific Registry by email at or by phone: 866-798-5598.

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Research Proposals

The US HAEA receives numerous requests each calendar year from researchers who ask for access to the data and samples gathered by the Scientific Registry.

Researchers may submit a research proposal to  which will be reviewed by the US HAEA Medical Advisory Board (MAB).  The MAB will then provide its recommendations to the HAEA, based on relevance and potential value of any proposal submitted.  Researchers will receive a response to their submission following the next earliest quarterly MAB meeting.



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