School Resources

Many parents of children with HAE are unsure about how to approach their child’s school. On this page, we provide some materials to help you work together with your child’s school. The materials are provided only as a general guide.

You will want to personalize any materials that you provide to your child’s school to reflect his/her own particular needs and situation.

HAE: You and your child’s school

How will the school respond if my child misses too many days of school? How will my child make up missed assignments? An HAE school packet can be a great resource in this regard.

Download usefull information on putting together a school packet.

You, Your Child and 504 Plans

What Is a 504 plan? Who is eligible for a 504 plan? Are 504 plans really necessary?

Information can be found here to answer these questions and more.

The School Nurse

Chances are your school nurse has never heard of Hereditary Angioedema. A letter providing a brief introduction to HAE, an idea of what is needed to help your child if medical intervention is necessary, and your emergency contact information can be a great help to you, your child and your child’s school.

Download a sample letter for the nurse at your child’s school.


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What is HAE

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Living with HAE

Care takers and givers: HAE will affect your life - But you can still be in control.

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