Patient stories

In patients own words

Everyone who has HAE knows that its symptoms are astonishingly individual.  No two people (even within the same family) share the exact same triggers, severity of attacks or even the same journey to diagnosis. Every HAE story is unique and valuable.

The patient stories profiled here tell of struggles and triumphs. One may sound very familiar to you and one may reveal aspects of living with HAE that you have never encountered yourself.
Additional stories will be profiled as they are received and archived so that you can view them again at any time.

We invite you to read all of the compelling HAE journeys below and to learn how to submit your own Patient Story.


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Living with HAE

Care takers and givers: HAE will affect your life - But you can still be in control.

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Our area with a lot of usefull information

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For HAE Emergency:

If you are having an HAE medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911 immediately. For non- emergencies please contact your HAE treating doctor.

For non-emergency questions
– contact a Patient Advocate:

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