Image Repository

A picture is worth a thousand words – your photos will help educate healthcare professionals as well as the general public about HAE.

We would like to invite you to a new US HAEA resource: the HAE Image Repository. The HAE Image Repository is an opportunity for you to contribute to the educational mission of the HAEA: raising awareness and recognition of this chronic, rare disease.

Very few HAE photos exist. There are few actual images of the symptoms that physicians may encounter in their office or emergency department.

In keeping with our efforts to educate both medical professionals and the general public about HAE, we have launched the HAE Image Repository. The Repository is an on-line database of photos of patients in various stages of an HAE attack that can be purchased for use in a variety of settings.

  • Patient Photos

    We hope you will support the Repository by providing photos that capture features of an HAE attack you have experienced.

    To submit an image:

    1. Patients must be a member of the US HAEA
    2. EACH image must be listed and described on a consent form to satisfy any potential issues that may arise concerning intellectual property rights. Consent forms may be requested at
    3. Photos must be emailed with the consent form to:

    Email for assistance with transferring your photos.

    Photos from Your Physician

    We are also interested in any medical imaging files that you may be willing to supply. These include x-rays or other static images that you may possess from any diagnostic/treatment-related procedures.

  • How Images are Used

    HAE images are used in a number of settings, including:

    • publications by academicians and clinicians in peer reviewed journals
    • educational presentations for continuing professional education of Healthcare Practitioners
    • advertising and promotional materials used by pharmaceutical companies.

    Rest assured that under no circumstances will any personal information be disclosed to anyone outside of the US HAEA or those acting under its authority.

    As a non-profit organization, all proceeds obtained from the HAEA Image Repository will be used to support the core services and mission of the US HAEA.

    We hope you will donate your photos for the HAE Image Repository. Together we can make a better future for all HAE patients and families.

    Have a look at the HAE Image Repository to see what it’s all about.


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