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HAE International

HAEiHAEi – International Patient Organization for C1 inhibitor Deficiencies – is a global non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of C1 inhibitor deficiencies around the world. It is an international umbrella network of national HAE patient associations and patient groups.

HAEi is established to promote co-operation, co-ordination and information sharing between HAE specialists and national HAE patient associations in order to help facilitate the availability of effective diagnosis and management of C1 inhibitor deficiencies throughout the world.

It is our purpose to support the efforts and increase the experience of the global HAE community, to achieve optimal standards of care and treatment for all those patients affected by C1 inhibitor deficiencies.

The US HAEA supports the work of the HAEi and US HAEA President, Anthony Castaldo, also serves as President of the HAEi. Henrik Boysen, of Denmark, serves as the Executive Director of the HAEi.

For more information, please visit – or contact Henrik Boysen directly via email: