Climb that hill

Don't let HAE get in the way of your life


Does your child
suffer from HAE?

HAE passes through generations


Do what you love the most

Don't let HAE get in your way of
doing sports and enjoying life

HAE will affect your life

But you can still  be in control


The more you know about how HAE will affect your life – the better you can plan and stay in control.

We have a broad experience with HAE and have gathered lots of information about the disease – all for you.

Dig deeper and read more about the topics that interest you.

Newly Diagnosed?

Do you want all the facts about the disease? Get to know the symptoms, be aware of possible attack triggers and read about the different treatments for HAE.

Attack Triggers

Do you know what might trigger an attack?

Once you know you are in a much better position to aviod attacks.

Children and teens

Has your child been diagnosed with HAE?

With the right management plan – your child can live a normal life.


Are you planing a vacation and wonder if it’s safe to go?

Be prepared – and don’t let HAE limit your curiosity for visiting new places!

Angioedema Center

HAEA has it’s own center for patients with HAE

Find out more about the US HAEA Angioedema Center at UCSD in San Diego.


Manage your disease with the right treatment

Let us show you all the FDA approved therapies for HAE


Are you expecting a baby and worry about the future with HAE?

Don’t be worried – be prepared and make a plan for your baby and yourself.

Take Charge

Get support when times get hard

Learn how to prioritize, focus on the how in stead of the if and get enthusiastic – then everything gets better.

Bill of Rights

Know your rights and get a much better life

Always be prepared. The US HAEA patient Bill of Rights will help you make a statement for your life

Study and Work Life

Too many days off because of swelling and pain?

Don’t let HAE limit you. Make a treatment plan for your study and work life, allowing you to manage your HAE.

Say HI to John

– and his collegues at our patient advocates team

CALL US, We´re here to help

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In patients’ own words

And these are Tad’s

“A lot has changed for me in the last few months.

I was diagnosed with HAE when I was 24 years old, almost by accident, at an emergency walk-in in 1992.”


Take Action

and make a difference

United we are strong and the more we all contribute the stronger and more powerfull we are.

Join the US HAEA Scientific Registry


Become a member of HAEA


Volunteer and make a difference


Become an advocate for HAE

Celebrate hae day :-)