hae day :-) Fundraisers


Holding a US HAEA Fundraiser for hae day :-) 2015

We are excited about and grateful for your interest in organizing an hae day :-) event. Everyone is encouraged to create an event – whether an awareness activity or HAE fundraiser for the US Hereditary Angioedema Association in conjunction with hae day :-) !

The information below is provided specifically to help you organize a fundraising event.

No event is too small… or too large! Be inspired by the list of hae day :-) events put on by HAE patients and families in 2012, 2013 and already planned for this year.

  • Perhaps your child might like to ask their school to sponsor a day where kids can wear a hat all day for a dollar donation to the HAEA.
  • Perhaps you and your family might like to undertake a walkathon in memory of a loved one with HAE.

No matter what you choose to do to mark hae day :-) in 2015, the HAEA is here to help!

To get started:

  1. Please review the US HAEA Fundraising Guidelines.
    These guidelines will help you understand your financial responsibilities as an event organizer.  There is a sample letter to help you get the support of event sponsors.  Some suggestions for media outreach are provided as well.
  2. Next, please fill out an Event Organizer Form before you begin to plan any fundraiser.
    Once your fundraiser is approved, it will be added to the US HAEA web site and the map at www.haei.org
  3. Take a look at our Tool Kit where you will find helpful event resources like an HAE Disease Fact Sheet, a copy of the HAE DAY Congressional Resolution, and a link to videos on HAE to share.
  4. Lastly, be sure to visit our Fundraiser Products page to order your hae day :-) merchandise – for yourself OR for your officialhae day :-) event!

HAE Day :-) is a global celebration and the US HAEA is the largest HAE patient group in the world.  Let’s lead the way on hae day :-) !  Plan your fundraiser or awareness event today!

Questions? Just contact your Patient Services Team member or email