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hae day :-)



Hae day :-) 2014 – coming soon!

What is Hae day :-)?

May 16, 2012, was the first Hae day :-) – a global event to raise awareness of Hereditary Angioedema among the general public and the medical community.

Hae day :-) was initiated by HAEi, the International Patient Organization for C1 Inhibitor Deficiency, along with the support of its national member organizations, including the
US HAEA! (For more information about HAEi, please visit
Hae day :-) aims to:

  • Support better care and an earlier and more accurate diagnosis for HAE patients
  • Engage and educate the general public and the medical community
  • Raise funds for further national and international HAE initiatives
  • Strengthen the voice of patients, uniting HAE patient organizations globally

The US HAEA hopes Hae day :-) will increase awareness of HAE in the United States. We also hope to raise funds for the HAEA to continue our vital work supporting HAE patients.

Hae day :-) 2013 was a global success! This annual event raises awareness of Hereditary Angioedema among the general public and medical community.

The US HAEA supports Hae day :-) activities in the US to increase awareness of HAE and to raise funds for the HAEA to continue our vital work supporting HAE patients.

In 2013, YOU, our HAE community, pitched in for more than 22 separate hae day :-) activities!

As we look to May 16, 2014, it is never too early to start planning your own hae day :-) educational event or fundraiser! You can read about and be inspired by the events held in 2012 and 2013 and see the already growing list of 2014 hae day :-) events here.

Let’s lead the way again in 2014

How can I help?

There are several ways you can participate and help make hae day :-) a national success!

  1. Raise money
    One of our biggest tasks as an organization is to find a cure for HAE. Money is needed to fund research projects and you can definitely help!
    Hold a bake sale, have your kids set up a car wash, organize a race… there are so many creative ways (both big and small) to help us raise money. To get started on your hae day :-) fundraiser, please click here.
  2. Raise awareness
    Educate everyone around you about HAE. Contact your local media outlets and tell them your story. Contact your local ERs and medical service providers and provide them with information about HAE. We have put together a collection of materials you can use to educate those around you. We have media interview guidelines and informational brochures. Click here for the hae day :-) Tool Kit to get you started.
  3. Raise enthusiasm
    For another fun way to raise awareness of HAE, visit the international website and “Cover the World with Your Smiles”. You can upload your smile and a greeting on – your smile links to Facebook and Twitter – and you can also share your smile (together with a message) on your own Facebook page wall.Ask your friends to also send a smile. Who knows? Maybe through your Facebook network you will help that undiagnosed person with HAE.

Still have hae day :-) questions?

Please call your HAEA Patient Services Team member or email


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